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Why choose me to be your yoga teacher?

Rachel is an amazing yoga instructor.

She has a lot of knowledge and is very professional.

I really like that she gives the opportunity of different classes so you can choose the best for you and also in her classes she’s always aware of the needs of each person.

Adding to that she always receives you with a smile and very kind and sweet.


Rachel's classes are really relaxing, professional, and fun. She is always very attentive to everyone's needs, making sure that there are always alterations that people can make depending on their experience with yoga or how they feel with the position. Always a great experience!


Rachel is a wonderful yoga instructor!

With her calm voice, warm and positive energy and well chosen music she is able to create a great place to let go, relax, ground and re-energize so you can dive into a rewarding yoga practise.

It is nice how she shares her experiences and is open to try out new things she has learned. She is very caring and it's always very cozy to hang out a bit after the class and have a chat. I will definitely join again.


Rachel has a way of making you feel comfortable with your own practice. She has such a calm demeanor and voice. She encourages you to try just that little bit more by giving you understandable direction and manageable accommodations to poses.

She takes time to listen to you, learn about your specific needs, and provide a wonderfully positive learning experience. She offers a good range of yoga class styles and they always seem to suit just what you need.

I have always come away from her classes feeling like my mind and body have been rejuvenated on many different levels. I strongly suggest you try a class or two, and see how she can help uplift your life: you will be glad you did!


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